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The results of a soft wash last longer than other methods, making it an appealing choice for property owners.

When it comes to keeping exterior surfaces clean, there are a couple of known methods. One is pressure washing, which involves blasting water at a surface with a high volume of pressure. Also called power washing, this method is fairly effective at eliminating dirt and grime, but it can also cause damage. Depending on the surface and materials, pressure washing can cause cracks or deterioration, as well as increase the risk of introducing moisture to places where it shouldn’t be. At Denver’s Window Cleaning & SoftWash, we offer a preferred alternative to this cleaning method known as soft washing. Soft Wash in Steinbach, Manitoba The soft wash method uses less water than other exterior cleaning methods, making it a more appealing option to those who are eco-conscious. Additionally, soft washing applies biodegradable chemicals to a surface to target and eliminate contaminants at their roots. It can sanitize and remove mold, algae, mildew, and other concerning growths and grime. The results of a soft wash last 4 to 6 times longer than other methods, making it an appealing choice for property owners.

Exterior Siding Cleaning

If you’re looking to have your roof, siding, deck, or concrete cleaned, we recommend the soft wash technique. Our technicians have undergone extensive training in soft washing, so we’re able to perform it for those located throughout the Steinbach, Manitoba area. We are happy to provide you with an estimate for service and answer any questions you might have about this cleaning method and its advantages over other methods. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional information.