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You can count on our soft washing experts to deliver a thorough, long-lasting clean.

Soft Washing in Winnipeg, Manitoba Our team at Denver’s Window Cleaning & SoftWash has been working in the exterior cleaning industry for many years, and we want to deliver the excellent results you deserve. In our experience, we have found that the most well-known method of exterior cleaning, pressure washing, is not always the best choice. For example, pressure washing can damage softer surfaces such as siding, so we prefer to use an alternative method known as soft washing for most applications.

When you call our team for soft washing services, we will first treat the target surface (such as your siding or windows) with a specialized, biodegradable cleaning solution. The cleaning agents we use will eliminate any organic growth present on the surface, such as mould, mildew, algae, or bacteria. These organisms trap dirt particles, and they can damage your surfaces over time, so getting rid of them will keep the surface much cleaner and ensure it stays in great condition. Once our cleaning solution has done its job, our team will spray down your surface with a light stream of water to wash the grime right off. If you have questions about our soft washing services, simply give us a call to get the answers you are looking for.

The Denver Process for Exterior Soft Wash

We are proud to serve the Winnipeg, Manitoba area, and we want to help you keep your exterior structures in great condition. If your driveway, pathway, deck, siding, or other exterior structure could use a good cleaning, we encourage you to give us a call to find out how to get started with our soft washing services.

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